The Plaster House is a home away from home

The air is different - visitors often comment about the air and feeling of peace when they arrive at The Plaster House, it is a neat and clean environment and the love, peace and sense of community is brought about by the environment, the staff and community of children all at different stages of their healing journey.

At The Plaster House we go the extra mile.

  • Residential housemothers provide loving residential care to the children staying at the centre and admitted in hospital, with mothers only staying with their children if they are breastfeeding.

  • Often for the first time in their lives, rehabilitating children have access to education in the centre’s classroom.

  • We believe in the importance of play for every child. Whether a child is receiving care pre- or post-surgery, play is a part of their daily routine.

  • The in-house kitchen team provide a healing and nutritious diet based on the main elements of a Tanzanian fare.

  • The Nursing and Therapy teams manage medications, dressings and communication with our partner hospitals.

  • A therapeutic feeding programme is provided to the most malnourished of children presenting at the centre to ensure they are strong enough for corrective surgery.

  • Inservice training is conducted for house staff and caregiver education is provided to parents so that our children can be provided with the very best of care.

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