Healing Individuals. Transforming the Community.

The Plaster House is the home of the Rehabilitative Surgery Programme, a programme of the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre in Northern Tanzania. It was established in 2008 to provide a unique and loving home away from home for children receiving pre- and post-operative care and rehabilitation for a surgically correctable disability.
The Rehab Surgery Programme provides corrective surgery and rehabilitation to children up to the age of 18 who have a congenital or acquired disability.  
In Tanzania, children with correctable disabilities are often hidden from the view of others, without treatment they will grow up to be a burden on their community. Our outreach programme works to change this perception through education and increase the number of patients we treat each year. 

Our Founder and Director Sarah Rejman explains The Plaster House programme.

All of the children in the Rehab Surgery Programme require corrective surgery to
overcome a disability. We access orthopaedic, plastic or general surgery for our children at ALMC, Selian, Nkoranga, and other hospitals in Arusha.

Rehabilitation at The Plaster House is play and other normal activities of daily living.
The therapy team works closely with housemothers to ensure that rehabilitation
occurs from day 1 to promote functional independence in all the children.

The Outreach team is working to change the overall perception of children with
disabilities, that they are not cursed, they should not be hidden – and those who are
appropriate should be brought in for treatment.

A Home Away from Home

The Plaster House is provides much more than surgical care and rehabilitation. It offers a unique home away from home for the children in our care.