Together with families and communities, we are changing the face of disability in Tanzania

“How do families hear about The Plaster House?”

It spreads through the community like a story.  A child will return home healthy, so families in the village will bring other children in for care. 

The outreach program started in 2006.  The team works to change the overall perception of children with disabilities – that they are not cursed, should not be hidden and there is a possibility for treatment.  The goal is to educate people about children living with treatable disabilities –to let them know there is a place where affordable treatment is available.

For 13 years the team has worked village by village, educating Tanzanian families about The Plaster House program, finding and assessing individual children, then recruiting them into the surgical program.  We also use governmental and community structures to change perception and increase patent recruitment. 

The program has now developed to use different media- -television, radio, street theatre, posters, social media – to educate and generate direct referrals from the community.

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Refer a child

Do you know a child that could use our help? Submit a patient recruitment form at The Plaster House or email to