The Plaster House Offers High Love, Low Cost Surgical Rehabilitation for Disabled Children in Tanzania


Children with disabilities that can be corrected with orthopaedic, plastic or general paediatric surgery benefit from The Plaster House. Kids are taken to Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre for corrective surgery for fluorosis, club foot, burn contractures, cleft lip etc, and then stay at The Plaster House until they are fully rehabilitated – this can be a 10-day stay or a six-month stay.


Rehabilitation at The Plaster House is play! An occupational therapist ensures they maintain their fitness and some mobility while they are on bed rest with play. When their plaster casts are removed children start mobilizing by walking and are encouraged to join the Montessori classroom. The therapy team also do splinting and provide special equipment when required.

Outreach Programme

Our outreach programme started in 2006 and visits over 30 villages and communities in Northern Tanzania. The goal of outreach is to: educate people about disabilities, in particular children whose disabilities are correctable. We also identify children who would benefit from corrective surgery, and arrange for them to travel to The Plaster House in Arusha.