Watch videos telling The Plaster House story

A 4 minute video featuring an extended interview with founder/director Sarah Rejman. Produced by David Rathod in 2016.

The Plaster House Story…. an 8 minute video produced by Rachel Ambrose in 2017.

Gail Gettler, from Bozeman, Montana tells the story of Nuru, born with clubfeet in a mud hut, whose life is transformed by The Plaster House. 7 minutes.

From…. When Your Child Lives in Chronic Pain 1 min 31 sec

Kidimo lives in a traditional Masaai village. When he turned one, he developed a hernia. For years, his family tried everything to help him, but nothing worked.

His family took him to a local hospital where two surgeries were performed, but there was no improvement. After that, they tried to treat him on their own.

Then the local hospital referred them to the Plaster House, supported by African Mission Healthcare, which is supported by CBN. We arranged and paid for Kidimo’s surgery. Soon after his surgery, he felt much better.

From … Gasping for Breath, Then Help Came! 1 min 51 sec

Isack was always active and played soccer, with a homemade ball, as often as he could.

But when Isack developed enlarged adenoids in his throat, it made it difficult for him to breathe. Over time, he lost his energy. He no longer played, and he barely ate.

Then his family reached out to The Plaster House, supported by African Mission Healthcare, a ministry supported by CBN. We soon arranged and paid for Isack’s surgery.

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “These surgeries take less than an hour, but it's 45 minutes that'll change a child's life.”

From…. Would David Ever Walk Again? 1 min 43 sec

3-year-old David has clubfeet and has never been able to walk.

“I carry him everywhere, even while I do my farm work,” says Bertha, his mother. “I worry about him, because if he cannot walk, he cannot work. I pray constantly that God will help him.”

When David's mother heard about The Plaster House, she and David travelled cross country by bus to come to us.

CBN paid for David’s surgery and casts and provided him and is mother with a place to stay and everything they needed during his recovery.