Making sure little bodies are strong for surgery 

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Surgery is hard on little bodies

Surgery is very hard on the body. And even more so on little bodies.

Here in Tanzania good nutrition can be a real challenge, so often children come to us who are not ready for the surgery they need. Being malnourished, their bodies simply won’t cope with the demands of surgery and recovery.

That’s where Surgery Strong comes in. We make sure that every child who comes to us is fighting fit before they go in for their life changing operations. We want to give them the best chance at success.

Please help us get babies strong enough for surgery 

Because their disability is so obvious after birth, children with cleft lip and palate most often come to The Plaster House in their first few months of life. Cleft lip and palate often means they cannot suck properly at their mother’s breast and they become malnourished. Before they can go to surgery their little bodies must be built up and in Arusha quality baby formula is very expensive. Your donation to our Surgery Strong Appeal will help us buy what those babies need.

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Please help us get toddlers strong enough for surgery 

Working with our hospital partners, we evaluate every child brought to us. Using a height/length for weight analysis we can see whether the child is a contender for therapeutic feeding, and to what level. Our team then get to work. Children at The Plaster House already get a better than normal diet, but the Surgery Strong feeding program takes it up another notch.

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Every child should be strong enough for the surgery that will change their lives.