A Two-Week Adventure for Parents and Teens 


This two-week program is designed for parents and their teens ages 12-19, to learn, play and volunteer at The Plaster House and to experience the cultural and natural beauty of Arusha, Tanzania and the surrounding areas and peoples.

We will spend mornings at The Plaster House and after lunch, we’ll head out for an afternoon of adventure.

On the weekend, we’re heading out of Arusha for a unique and authentic Maasai experience at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Along the way, we will be accompanied at all times by our EDU Tanzanian guide and have full access to a small bus for transportation.


Gail Gettler, International Advisory Board Member of The Plaster House and Founder, Sarah Rejman, and all the staff at The Plaster House will work to provide all participants with a unique volunteer experience.

No matter your interest, The Plaster House needs you!

The opportunities to work with the children, programming and staff at The Plaster House are endless. Last summer’s volunteers enjoyed:

• Helping medical staff prepare dressings.
• Observing clubfoot casting and treatment.
• Spending time with children in the classroom on school work and English.
• Colouring, creating with Legos, doing puzzles with kids in the classroom as well as with those who are confined to their beds.
• Assisting the baby group teaching mothers and babies the importance of play.
• Kicking and playing with soccer balls on the top of the hill with the older children.
• Assisting in our kitchen and new garden.
• Helping to organize the classroom, building maintenance, repairing and painting furniture and /or medical equipment.
• Smiling, playing, dancing, having fun with the kids!!


“I liked being able to not have too much structure when we were at the Plaster House and we could do what we wanted to do with the kids. I really liked to entertain and play with the kids. Most days I was in the classroom and in the grassy area in the central courtyard. I also really enjoyed being with them at meals. Before the trip, I was a little nervous about meeting the other kids in our volunteer group but they were awesome and we all became really close. The activities we did were super fun and my favorite was going to Amini Masaai Lodge for three days. That was amazing!”
Sadie, 12, Corte Madera, California

Only 12 people can join the 2020 trip - that's six parents and six teenagers, so if you are interested in joining the trip please register your interest with Gail as soon as possible.

Gail's email address is ggettler@gmail.com

Full details and prices are in the brochure.