Our People

Sarah Rejman

Director and Founder of The Plaster House.

In 2002, at 27 years old, Sarah arrived from New Zealand to volunteer at Huduma ya Walemavu a rehabilitation centre for the disabled in the town of Monduli, not far for Arusha. Two years in Monduli awakened a searing passion in Sarah, for treating children with disabilities. She went to Melbourne to work for 18 months, but could not shake the feeling that she should be back in Tanzania.

Tanzania won, and Sarah returned to Arusha to work at Selian Lutheran Hospital in 2006 and together with Mr Murila, orthopaedic surgeon, established the Selian Orthopedic Institute – now known as the Rehab Surgery Program.  

Born in 2008, Sarah often refers to The Plaster House as her first child, a part of her young family as much as her husband Jack, and three daughters. She remains hugely passionate about accessing and treating marginalized children with disabilities – woe betide any who stand in her way when she is on the trail of treating a child in need! Together with the teams she has built around her, Sarah plans on doubling the number of patients treated annually through the program and providing the best care possible to children with disabilities.

Gail Gettler 

Development Liaison in the United States.

Gail and her family, husband Alex Eby and children, Anna and Layla, visited Tanzania in 2015 and they fell in love with The Plaster House kids and its mission. The need for more space was apparent and hence Gail took on fundraising for the expansion project.  She and her family travel between the Montana and Tanzania to stay connected, bring needed supplies, and shepherd the fundraising and expansion.

Gail is an attorney licensed to practice in both California and Montana.  She is also a writer.  Her website is www.AWritersSpace.com

Management Team

Esupat Kimirei

Manager – Administration

Esupat joined The Plaster House team in 2013; born in Arusha she was educated firstly in Arusha and then Minnesota. When she is not working long hours making sure that everything is shipshape at The Plaster House, Esupat enjoys spending time with family and reading novels. Her vision for the Rehab Surgery Program and The Plaster House is to be the best, strongest and most ethical program for treating children with disabilities in the country.

Jaclyn Lekule

Manager - Health Services

Jaclyn joined The Plaster House team in 2010 as an occupational therapist. Jackie hails from Ketumbeine and a traditional Maasai background, she was educated in Ketumbeine, Monduli and Moshi and has been in the Selian family since 2007.  Sarah spotted her in secondary school in 2004, and encouraged her to pursue OT as a career. She is a strong leader of the team of 5 medical staff providing nursing and therapy care to The Plaster House patients. Jackie has a particular strength in treating children with clubfeet, and is leading up a new training program in The Plaster House.

Letion Marari

Manager – Patient Recruitment

Letion and Sarah started the outreach program together from Selian Hospital in 2007. Letion’s easy way of communicating with people in villages and communities soon made him central to the outreach program. The Rehab Surgery program supported Letion to achieve a Diploma of Community Development and he returned to lead the outreach team. His gift of many languages and theatric delivery increases the number of the children who are recruited into the program for corrective surgery. 

Hannah Kelly

Manager – Social Media and Communications

Hannah started her love affair with The Plaster House in 2010 when she was volunteering in Arusha with Oyster Worldwide, she would come to visit and play with the children most afternoons in a week. While she was studying for her Bachelors of Nursing and Public Health in Brisbane, she would find her way back to Arusha each long holiday to spend time with the children. Hannah is placed at The Plaster House by AVI with specific tasks of developing systems for social media, outgoing communication, and working in the nursing department – improving the overall nursing care for the patients.

Happyness Kaaya

Head Housemother

Happyness (Mama Danny) and Sarah met while working together in Monduli. On Sarah’s leaving day, Mama Danny said, ‘when you come back, I will come and work with you’. Little did either know, Sarah would approach Mama Danny in 2008 to start The Plaster House program in a small rental facility close to Arusha. Mama Danny is a hard working and ambitious mother of 5, who leads the team of housemothers providing everyday care for the children and mothers in the program.