Meet the Kids

Some of The Plaster House kids who inspire and encourage us in everything that we do.


Age 5

Condition: Fluorosis

Siombo is a boy from the Maasai regions where there is naturally a very high level of flouride in the water. Because of this, Siombo travelled to The Plaster House with a condition called fluorosis. Fluorosis causes bowing of the legs, which can cause microfractures in the long bones and pain for children when they walk. This then makes it difficult for children, like Siombo, to grow and play happily and healthily. Siombo underwent surgery at The Plaster House to straighten his legs, and after 6 weeks bed rest, he is happily undergoing rehabilitation. Siombo uses his new, strong legs to run up visitors at The Plaster House and welcome them to his home away from home.


Age: 16

Condition: Chronic Osteomyelitis

Chausiku is was brought in by The Plaster House Outreach Team with a condition called Chronic Osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis is an infection within the bone and can be caused in a number of ways. For Chausiku, chronic osteomyelitis started after she fell and fractured her leg while playing with her friends, which then lead to a deep infection within her femur. This chronic condition has seen Chausiku become part of The Plaster House family over the past four years, due to difficulties in accurate diagnosis and specific treatment. Chausiku loves to learn and spends her days in our classroom focusing on her studies. If she isn’t in the classroom, Chausiku can also be found beading and singing with her friends.


Age: 3

Condition: Cleft Lip

Zaira, nicknamed ‘Nakupenda’ (‘I love you’ in Kiswahili), is a patient at The Plaster House who has bilateral cleft lip, which means that the tissues on the mouth and face did not fuse properly during pregnancy. Cleft lip, which is often associated with cleft palate, can be caused by a variety of genetic and environmental factors. Many children born with cleft lip and palate are unable to feed properly, especially during breastfeeding and early childhood stages, and therefore corrective surgery is essential. Zaira will undergo a surgery that will bring together the splits in her lip. After surgery, Zaira will only be able to eat liquid foods until she heals. When she does heal, Zaira will be able to eat, grow and smile like any other child! 


Age 8

Condition: Burn Scar Contracture

When Jeremiah was 6 years old, a pot of boiling water spilt down the right side of his body causing significant burns that left his face scarred and his arm contracted so much that he couldn’t move it from his side. Jeremiah presented at The Plaster House plastic surgery clinic, where the burn scar contractures in his right armpit and elbow were released. Now, Jeremiah does exercises everyday to make sure that his arm doesn’t contract again. Part of Jeremiah’s rehabilitation is play! This means that Jeremiah is taught to use his rehabilitated arm in fun ways, such as playing ball with his friends or making craft projects with the Teaching team.


Age: 4

Condition: Club Foot

Ibra is one of our familiar faces at Plaster House, having needed a few return trips to treat his clubfoot. Clubfoot corrections can be a tedious process but Ibra is patient, and encourages patience in other children at The Plaster House. Within the treatment span of the year, staff at The Plaster House have been able to see Ibra grow into the independent, bright four year old he is today.  Often sitting in the nursing room, Ibra is keen to learn and help where he can with everyday duties at The Plaster House. 


Age: 5

Condition: Burn Scar Contractures

Sinyati suffers from extensive burns on his right leg as a result of a house fire. Sinyati’s burns have led to difficulty walking due to the severity of the contractures. Throughout his stay at The Plaster House, surgeons and orthopedic surgeons have worked to release the contractures that have been holding Sinyati back. Now, you cannot get Sinyati to sit down – running here and there it is easy to see the amazing progress he has made during his stay at The Plaster House.



Age: 3

Condition: Hydrocephalus

Zawadi was born with hydrocephalus. When left untreated hydrocephalus can be restricting on a child’s development and unfortunately this is the case with Zawadi. In Swahili, Zawadi translates to ‘gift’ and this rings true with all who meet her. Regardless of her limitations, Zawadi continues to brighten everyone’s day with her constant laughter and warm nature. It has been a hard road in terms of treatment, the painful procedures leave Zawadi exhausted but her strength and that of her adoring mother gets her through each day to fight the next. 


Age: 6

Condition: Fluorosis

Jonas comes from an area with very high fluoride levels in the water, when he started to walk his legs started to bow. They became so bowed that you could pass a basketball between his legs and it was very painful for him to walk. He had surgery to straighten his legs. He will stay in bed for 6 week until his bones are healed. Jonas has an engaging and infectiously happy personality and he cannot wait to be back in the classroom!