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Fundraiser for Plaster House Raises $334K

Gail Gettler didn’t have any experience when she started a fundraiser, but knew she needed to help The Plaster House.

The Plaster House is a nonprofit based in Arusha, Tanzania. The organization provides pre- and post-operative care for children in need of operable surgeries for which they may not otherwise have access.

Sarah Rejman from Occupational Therapist to African Paediatric Rehabilitation Facility Founder

This week’s leap taker had done the things she set out to do with her career. She had created a nice, comfortable life. And yet, she felt incredibly sad. But instead of pushing it away, she turned towards it and used it to fuel a truly authentic expression of who she is.


“A delivery? Do you have a donation to deliver?” Sarah asked with her phone pressed between her shoulder and ear, shifting gears with her left hand and steering her Jeep wheel with the right.