Healing Individuals. Transforming the Community.

We believe no child in Tanzania should live with a treatable disability, so we provide a High Love, Low Cost surgical rehabilitation programme at our purpose-built facility in Arusha, northern Tanzania. 

We never turn a child away. 

The children come from families all over Tanzania who are very poor and most often from rural areas.

Since 2008 over five thousand children with a correctable disability have come through our welcoming doors to be guided through their transformational, healing journey of assessment, followed by surgery or other treatment and then recovery, to leave with hope and a brighter future.

We are a bustling and happy place with 80 beds, 45 staff and the ability to care for over 100 patients at a time.  

Watch the life changing journey of Musa Laizer, a 14 year-old Masai boy, who was treated for clubfeet at The Plaster House. An 11 minute film by Tom Attwater and Lane Brown.