Thank you for your fundraising support

Transforming the lives of children with treatable disabilities through our surgical rehabilitation programme at The Plaster House in Arusha, Tanzania, takes a lot of resources. We simply could not do it without the help of hundreds of supporters around the world.

Resources to help you with your fundraising campaign

Click the links to download various resources to help you plan and deliver your campaign.

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Getting Started

You’ll find ideas, how to do it and inspiration

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Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines

Our brand is important and we ask you to read these guidelines and use it when creating communications about your campaign.


Takeaway Postcard

These postcards can be great items to give people to take away with them.



The artwork to print brochures if you need them

Logos and Fonts

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Primary Logo


Alternative Logo

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Our Modum Font

Use Modum for the body copy in printed materials.If you do not have the font on your computer you can download it.

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Our Nunito Font

We use Nunito for headings and captions in our printed material. If you do not have the font on your computer you can download it.

Photos for download